mobileFX RGS Workbench

mobileFX RGS Workbench offers specialized Toolchain to casino game Producers. Packed with rapid prototyping features, it will help you monetize your casino game ideas faster than ever!

You can use RGS Workbench to Design, Simulate, Localize, Integrate, Certify and Publish casino games to on-line Publishers, Operators and content Aggregators.


mobileFX RGS Workbench

RGS Workbench IDE is the brain of operations where ideas flourish. Designed with game producers in mind, this IDE is your creative playground. It streamlines the design, simulation, localization, and certification processes with intuitive interfaces and powerful tools. Packed with rapid prototyping capabilities, the Workbench IDE empowers you to bring your most daring casino game ideas to life, ensuring they are market-ready and compliant with regulatory authorities.

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Game Design and Simulation
  • Extensive Game Features Customization
  • Responsible Gaming Features
  • Full Cycle Statistical Analysis
  • Localization and Internationalization
  • Continuous Integration and Development
  • Publishing to Content Aggregators
  • Certification Support

RGS Workbench is an end-to-end development solution, encompassing a comprehensive toolchain for casino game creation, from design and simulation to localization, certification, and publishing, integrated with CI/CD GitLab pipelines and Docker contained micro-services.


RGS Workbench democratizes game math design with user-friendly tools allowing anyone to configure casino games. It supports graphical RTP node design, full-cycle statistical analyses, Monte Carlo simulations, and generates certifiable PAR sheets, simplifying the complex process of creating games that meet regulated market standards.


The Simulation features of RGS Workbench include a Monte Carlo Simulator for detailed game behavior analysis. It leverages parallel computing for efficiency, offering settings for player properties and extensive simulation data, enabling developers to optimize game mechanics and verify theoretical RTP and game volatility.


RGS Workbench's Localization Editor streamlines game globalization, offering Locales, Currencies, and Tokens Editors for seamless language and currency customization. It auto-generates precise game rules across languages with Hyperlanguage generator, optimizing font textures for Unity and ensuring games meet diverse market and regulatory requirements.


RGS Workbench's Integration Tool simplifies connecting games with various platforms, offering tailored tools for Lobby, Wallet, and RNG integration. It supports API emulation, problem reproduction, and debugging, ensuring seamless functionality and compatibility with operators' infrastructures, enhancing the game deployment process.


The Certification Tool within RGS Workbench organizes and compiles essential data for game certification, generating comprehensive certification application forms. It facilitates test case creation, RNG play samples definition, and test account management, streamlining the submission process to meet regulatory standards and market requirements.


RGS Workbench's Publishing Tool designs and deploys game infrastructures, integrating seamlessly with GitLab CI/CD pipelines for batch game releases. It supports Dockerized environments, allowing for customized publishing to various platforms, streamlining the deployment process with its Infrastructure Explorer and Docker Script Editor features.


Slot game features collectively underscore RGS Workbench's dedication to delivering not just games, but experiences that resonate with players, developers, and operators alike, setting new standards in the gaming realm.

Explore the essence of slot gaming with RGS Workbench's vibrant symbol ecosystem. Foundation-laying Normal symbols, Scatter symbols offering free spins or bonus rounds from any position, and chameleon-like Wild symbols transform to secure wins. Treasure-like Bonus symbols unlock immersive mini-games. This meticulously crafted array enhances engagement, making every spin a thrilling narrative of possibility and excitement.

Enter a realm where wilds are not just wild; they're explosive. RGS Workbench introduces Multiple Wild Multipliers, a feature where sequential Wild symbols escalate winnings to astronomical levels. A Wild might double a win, but a chain of Wilds can quadruple, octuple, or catapult it up to thirty-two times the stake. This thrilling mechanic adds a layer of strategic depth and excitement to every spin, inviting players to chase the exhilarating rush of maximizing their wins with the artful placement of wilds. It's not just a game feature; it's a wild revolution.

Unleash the magic of bonus symbols, where the real adventure begins. Whether they line up in perfect harmony or scatter across the reels, these symbols are your golden ticket to exhilarating bonus mini-games. Forget about traditional wins; bonus symbols forego prizes in the prize table, as their true value lies in unlocking the game's richest rewards. Embark on quests, solve mysteries, or spin the wheel of fortune. With RGS Workbench, each bonus symbol holds the promise of a unique journey, where fortunes are found in the thrill of the game itself.

Unlock new realms of excitement for your players with our revolutionary slot game mechanics, featuring both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left Win Directions. This innovative feature doubles the avenues for wins, ensuring a riveting and rewarding gaming experience. Elevate your portfolio and captivate your audience by offering them a dynamic way to score big wins from every spin. Integrate this thrilling feature into your next slot game and watch player engagement soar. Don't just create games; create experiences that players can't resist.

With RGS Workbench, every win is a cause for celebration. The Win Levels feature categorizes victories into distinct tiers, from Small Wins to epic Jackpots, turning each success into a milestone. This classification elevates the gaming experience, providing clear goals and exhilarating benchmarks for players to strive for. It's not just about winning; it's about ascending the ranks of fortune, where each level is a testament to luck, strategy, and the thrill of the game.

The Scatter Anticipation Effect in mobileFX RGS GDK transforms gaming into an edge-of-your-seat experience. By integrating suspenseful scatter symbols, it elevates player engagement, turning each spin into a thrilling journey of potential wins. This feature showcases mobileFX's prowess in creating unforgettable gaming moments that captivate and retain players. Embrace innovation with mobileFX!

Elevate the thrill with RGS Workbench's Free Spins and bonus rounds, where fortunes can be made in the blink of an eye. Not just an extra spin, but a gateway to multiplied riches, with winnings multipliers like 2x doubling the bounty of each victorious reel dance. These features are not mere interludes; they're heart-pounding, pulse-racing stages where legends are born. Players live for these moments, where strategy, luck, and timing converge to yield epic rewards. Free spins and bonus rounds aren't just part of the game; they are the game.

Prepare for an adventure that unfolds with each spin, thanks to RGS Workbench's multi-level bonus games. These are not just games within a game; they're epic narratives waiting to be discovered, where each level escalates the excitement and the rewards. Players are drawn deeper into the game's lore, tackling challenges, making choices, and unlocking secrets that lead to unimaginable treasures. These multi-level journeys transform slots from a simple pastime into a saga of victory and valor, where each player is the hero of their own story.

Experience seamless game design with mobileFX RGS GDK, where the automatic prize table generation revolutionizes game development. Our Unity component autonomously syncs with the RGS server's prize table, liberating designers from manual configurations. Focus purely on creativity as our intelligent system ensures accurate, up-to-date prize dissemination. Embrace effortless excellence and innovation, making game creation a breeze with mobileFX. Your design, effortlessly empowered.

RGS Workbench champions player empowerment through customizable bet levels and coin values. This feature democratizes gaming, offering a spectrum of betting options to suit every player's budget and strategy. Whether you're a casual player enjoying the scenic route or a high roller on a quest for glory, RGS Workbench ensures that the stakes are always right for you. It's about giving players control, making each spin a personal bet on their fortune, skill, and daring. In the world of slots, flexibility is the ultimate luxury.

RGS Workbench isn't just about creating exhilarating gaming experiences; it's about doing so responsibly. With features like autoplay limits and self-exclusion options, it prioritizes player well-being alongside entertainment. These tools serve as a safety net, ensuring that players can enjoy their favorite games within a secure and controlled environment. It's a commitment to fostering a healthy gaming culture, where fun and responsibility go hand in hand. After all, the greatest victories are those enjoyed sustainably.

The Autoplay feature brings convenience and continuity to the gaming experience, letting players set a sequence of spins to run automatically. Coupled with customizable settings for managing spending, it ensures that the thrill of the game flows uninterrupted, without sacrificing control. It's about streamlining the adventure, where the anticipation of each spin is preserved, and the excitement never wanes. Autoplay is more than a feature; it's your personal croupier, ready to keep the action going at your command.

Transform your gaming canvas with RGS Workbench's flexible reel configurations. Imagine a sprawling 50-lines, 6x5 game setup, where each spin offers a kaleidoscope of possibilities and wins weave through an intricate dance across the reels. This feature allows developers to craft games that challenge the norms, with reels that expand, contract, and morph to create a dynamic gaming experience. Players will be captivated by the visual spectacle and the endless variety of gameplay, ensuring that no two gaming sessions are ever the same.

Unlock the future of mobile gaming with mobileFX RGS GDK, designed to deliver a flawless gaming experience on the go. Our games are crafted for optimal mobile performance, featuring Battery Saver mode, intuitive portrait layouts, and automatic resizing of assets and graphics to ensure seamless play on any device. Embrace mobile-friendly gaming without compromises, where convenience meets cutting-edge technology. Power your mobile gaming success with mobileFX.


Workbench Editors in RGS Workbench offer functionality for customizing game features and parameters, organized in a user-friendly UI with tabs and panes. They enable the design, simulation, and localization of casino games, facilitating a seamless game development process.

The RTP nodes Graph tool in mobileFX RGS GDK is a sophisticated visualization mechanism that maps a game's structure through RTP nodes, illustrating how each game feature contributes to the overall Return to Player (RTP) percentage. Starting with the base game and extending through additional features like Line Multipliers, Free Spins, and Bonus games, it allows designers to see a comprehensive overview of RTP distribution. By selecting an RTP node, designers can access detailed properties via the Properties Explorer, providing an in-depth understanding of each game component's impact on RTP. This holistic view aids in balancing the game, ensuring a desired RTP is achieved through strategic design of game features. Such visualization not only streamlines the game development process but also supports adherence to regulatory compliance by clearly delineating how RTP is constructed from the game's elements.

The Reel Strips Editor within the mobileFX RGS GDK is a sophisticated tool designed for the customization of reel strips, a core element in slot game development. It enables the addition or removal of reels and symbols per reel, ensuring a high level of customization for game developers. Integrated seamlessly with the Symbol Distribution Editor, Prize Table Editor, Wild Substitutions Editor, and Free Spins Editor, it offers a comprehensive solution for reel configuration. This editor is equipped with productivity-enhancing features, such as visual detection of symbol locations and distribution across reels, and allows for the easy insertion or deletion of symbols. Additionally, its extensive drag-and-move capabilities facilitate an intuitive user experience, making it an essential tool for the detailed customization of slot games.

The Prize Table Editor is a tool within RGS Workbench that enables the addition or removal of game symbols and the definition of their prizes. It provides a straightforward interface for setting up and managing the reward structure of casino games.

The Symbol Distribution Editor in RGS Workbench details the occurrences and spacing of symbols on each reel, enabling automated reel generation. It's essential for designing balanced game mechanics, ensuring fair play and engaging player experiences by precisely configuring symbol layouts.

The Symbol Distribution Editor describes symbols on each reel, detailing occurrences and spacing. It can automatically generate reels, aiding in the precise design of symbol layouts to balance game dynamics, ensuring engaging gameplay and fair player experience in casino game development.

The Free Spins Editor allows customization of free spins in slot games, including setting initial and additional spins per Scatter count. It integrates with the Symbol Multiplier Rule for dynamic bonus adjustments, enriching game complexity and player engagement through tailored free spin scenarios.

The Paylines Editor in RGS Workbench is a sophisticated tool designed for crafting and modifying the pay lines of slot games. It enables developers to intricately design each pay line's layout, ensuring gameplay diversity and fairness. This editor streamlines the process of adjusting pay lines to suit various game designs and player preferences.

The Bonus Editor facilitates adding, removing, and editing Bonus Games, supporting Pick k-of-n and Algorithmic Bonus Games. It offers Weighted Prize Tables, interconnected bonus levels, and various prize distributions. Users can simulate bonus games for RTP adjustments, applying distributions like Exponential and Linear, to make bonuses engaging and compliant.

The Locales Editor within RGS Workbench enables defining and managing game localization settings, including language codes, region codes, and currency formatting. It facilitates global game distribution by allowing customization for different markets, ensuring proper local language and currency display.

The Currencies Editor in RGS Workbench displays information on fiat and crypto currencies, including ISO codes, symbols, fractional units, and exchange rates. It helps manage currency-specific settings for games, ensuring accurate display and conversion rates for a global market.

The Tokens Editor in RGS Workbench manages translation tokens, identifiers that expand into localized phrases for the game's UI. It features a heatmap mode to track token translations across languages, facilitating easy editing, updating, and integration with Google Translate for efficient localization.

The Responsible Gaming Editor consolidates regulations for mitigating gambling's negative effects, focusing on conscious decision-making by players. It includes settings affecting gameplay and options accessible via the game client menu, like spin duration, autoplay session conditions, and notification policies, tailored to various jurisdictional requirements to promote safe gaming practices.

The Responsible Gaming Editor consolidates regulations for mitigating gambling's negative effects, focusing on conscious decision-making by players. It includes settings affecting gameplay and options accessible via the game client menu, like spin duration, autoplay session conditions, and notification policies, tailored to various jurisdictional requirements to promote safe gaming practices.


Workbench tools offer specialized functionalities for game development, including design, simulation, and localization, integrated within a user-friendly UI. They facilitate rapid prototyping, statistical analysis, and content management, organized into intuitive tabs and panes.

The Simulation Tool in mobileFX RGS GDK performs advanced statistical analysis and Monte Carlo simulations to decipher game behavior through extensive sessions. Simulating millions of rounds in parallel using multi-core CPUs, it delivers rapid, detailed insights. Essential for calculating Theoretical RTP, Max Exposure for Max Bet, and volatility, it aids in fine-tuning game mechanics for regulatory compliance and market needs. Its outputs, both summarized and detailed across dimensions like bet lines and coin values, provide a solid foundation for creating statistically sound, engaging games. This tool is vital for developers aiming to optimize game performance and player satisfaction within regulatory frameworks.

The Publishing Tool in mobileFX RGS GDK is designed for crafting dockerized infrastructure topologies to run games, integrating various micro-services necessary for game operation. It facilitates the design of interconnect endpoints and assists in publishing these micro-services to Publisher’s GitLab CI/CD pipelines. Central to its function is the 'Infrastructure Profile', defining all required micro-services and deployment settings. Users can include services like the game server (RGS), web server, PRNG implementation, wallet management, and data analytics tools (Graylog, Elastic Search) among others. This tool simplifies complex infrastructure setup, ensuring seamless deployment and integration into existing CI/CD workflows.

The Integration Tool within mobileFX RGS GDK is a comprehensive solution tailored for RGS ecosystems, facilitating the analysis, and debugging of API interactions among games, lobbies, RGS servers, wallets, and RNG systems. It significantly simplifies integration processes by offering a granular look at API request-response cycles, including the visualization of the Money Path - a feature that traces player balance changes through game events. This tool is equipped with specialized toolbars for configuring game launch parameters, selecting RGS providers, and managing wallet types, among others. It supports automated testing and certification, making it indispensable for developers seeking to streamline their game integration and troubleshooting workflows.

The Game Client API Generator Tool in mobileFX RGS GDK automates the creation of RGS APIs, streamlining integration and ensuring smooth communication across game servers and platforms. By generating code for C#, C++, and JavaScript, it optimizes the development process within the gaming ecosystem. It works closely with the Integration Tool, capturing API requests and responses for efficient endpoint interaction. Utilizing compile-time C++ reflection, it captures enumerations, generating them for the target programming language, along with server-side and client-side exceptions for robust error handling. APIs can be serialized in various formats, with JSON for broad compatibility and advanced DataStream formats featuring compression and encryption, supported out-of-the-box by RGS Server and Unity3D Templates.

The BOM and Project Management Tool in mobileFX RGS GDK analyzes game metadata to derive a Bill of Materials (BOM) and generates an efficient Project Plan using AI for asset descriptions and effort estimation. It takes working days into account, executes customizable workflows, and features productivity tools for task assignment, progress monitoring, and resource reallocation. Users can define their team, input costs, and the tool even integrates with Gravatar for team member visuals. Effort estimations can be set in various work scales, with conversions between Gregorian and Workplan Calendars. The tool supports on-the-fly recalculations when adjusting tasks, and both the BOM and project plan can be exported to Excel.

RGS Workbench can export PowerPoint PPTX presentation for Game Marketing purposes. The tool is equipped with a Marketing Template in which it adds pages summarizing game features, Prize Table, Paylines, game rules, and more.

The Certification Tool in mobileFX RGS GDK is designed to streamline the game certification process, ensuring games meet regulatory standards before submission. It organizes essential information and compiles a Certification Application Form for submission to Certification Agencies. Key features include editors for Game Client Specifications, Test Accounts, Play Samples, and Test Cases. This tool also automates the generation of crucial documentation like game rules and PAR sheets, further facilitated by downloading critical files from GitLab repositories to generate MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 hashes, ensuring a comprehensive and compliant certification application.

The Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) Analytics Tool transforms complex sales data from Content Aggregators and Publishers into actionable insights. It segments and analyzes data across various criteria, including Casino Operators, Game Vendors, Titles, Date Ranges, and Channels, enabling detailed assessments of gaming performance. Through its advanced charting features, the tool highlights trends and identifies potential issues, offering a deep dive into player engagement and revenue trends. This facilitates strategic decision-making for optimizing game placement and marketing strategies. Essential for stakeholders looking to enhance portfolio management and drive revenue, the GGR Analytics Tool is a pivotal resource for navigating the competitive gaming industry landscape.

The Visualization Tool in mobileFX RGS GDK provides robust chart generation capabilities for various game data. Users can select from predefined charts, modify styles, scales, or even transpose axes for customized visual representations. This tool supports exporting chart images or copying them to the clipboard. Furthermore, in reports, users can choose a column for the X-axis and another for the Y-axis, rendering their data as graphs through the Visualization tool, enhancing the analysis and presentation of game performance metrics.


Workbench reports transform game data into actionable insights through charts and data grids, directly relating to datasets for analysis. They serve as a bridge between raw data and visual, user-friendly information, aiding in game design and performance evaluation within the RGS Workbench UI.

The Prize Combinations Report within the RGS Workbench stands as a pivotal analytical tool, providing an intricate examination of Symbol Hits and delineating a comprehensive analysis of winning combinations across various games. This report sheds light on the distribution and frequency of wins, offering developers invaluable insights into the core dynamics of game mechanics and reward structures. By detailing how symbols align to create winning scenarios, it empowers developers to refine and balance the gameplay experience. Specifically designed to enhance developer understanding, this tool is essential for ensuring games are meticulously calibrated, maximizing player engagement and satisfaction through a well-crafted balance of challenge and reward.

The Prize Combinations Report within the RGS Workbench stands as a pivotal analytical tool, providing an intricate examination of Symbol Hits and delineating a comprehensive analysis of winning combinations across various games. This report sheds light on the distribution and frequency of wins, offering developers invaluable insights into the core dynamics of game mechanics and reward structures. By detailing how symbols align to create winning scenarios, it empowers developers to refine and balance the gameplay experience. Specifically designed to enhance developer understanding, this tool is essential for ensuring games are meticulously calibrated, maximizing player engagement and satisfaction through a well-crafted balance of challenge and reward.

The Symbols Statistics Report in RGS Workbench offers a meticulous breakdown of hits and probabilities for each symbol, dissected across tiers and multipliers. By calculating variance, it derives the theoretical standard deviation, a key metric for grasping symbol performance and its influence on game volatility. This report is indispensable for developers aiming to fine-tune symbol dynamics, enhancing player experience through calculated game design.

The Betline Statistics Report, integral to the mobileFX RGS GDK, offers comprehensive analyses of variance, standard deviation, and the volatility index for each betting line, ensuring invaluable insights into game volatility variations across different wager lines. This tool is indispensable for developers aiming to optimize game design and achieve a balanced gaming experience. By meticulously analyzing these metrics, game creators can make informed adjustments, enhancing player engagement and ensuring regulatory compliance. The report's depth of analysis facilitates a strategic approach to game development, underpinning the fine-tuning process with empirical data, thereby elevating the gaming experience to new heights.

The Confidence Levels Report in RGS Workbench provides critical insights into the game's RTP (Return to Player) at different confidence levels (90%, 95%, and 99%) across a range of spins (from 1,000 to 1 billion). This report is instrumental in demonstrating how closely the simulated or empirical RTP aligns with the theoretical RTP over extensive gameplay. It highlights the expected RTP variability, giving developers and regulators a comprehensive view of the game's performance under various play conditions. This ensures that the game maintains its fairness and adherence to regulatory standards, by showcasing the stability of its RTP over a significant number of spins.

The Free Spins Returns Report in RGS Workbench provides theoretical numbers on the free spins feature of a casino game, detailing Scatter probabilities for triggering free spins, the expected number of free spins per base game, and the theoretical returns from these free spins. This report is essential for developers to understand and evaluate the effectiveness and attractiveness of the free spins feature, ensuring it contributes appropriately to the game's overall Return to Player (RTP) and player experience. By analyzing this report, developers can make informed decisions to adjust the free spins mechanics for optimal balance and player engagement.

The Scatter Returns Report, an essential component of the mobileFX RGS GDK, delivers an exhaustive statistical breakdown, spotlighting Scatter symbol dynamics through detailed metrics on Hits, Probabilities, and Returns across various Tiers. By furnishing developers with deep insights into Scatter symbol performance, the report aids in the meticulous crafting of game mechanics, enhancing player engagement by strategically optimizing Scatter symbol behavior. This analysis not only enriches the gaming experience but also supports developers in aligning game outcomes with player expectations, ensuring a harmonious balance between entertainment and challenge.

The Bonus Returns Report, a pivotal feature of the mobileFX RGS GDK, delivers a thorough statistical exploration of Bonus Games, charting both Probabilities and Returns. This detailed scrutiny equips developers with the critical insights necessary to refine Bonus Game mechanics, ensuring an optimized balance between player engagement and the mathematical framework of game design. By leveraging this report, developers can fine-tune the occurrence and payout of Bonus Games, thus enhancing the overall gaming experience. This strategic adjustment not only elevates player satisfaction but also meticulously aligns game performance with expected outcomes, fostering a rewarding and engaging environment for players.

The Reel View Probabilities Report, integral to the mobileFX RGS GDK, offers an in-depth statistical analysis of game dynamics, focusing on individual symbols, each reel, and their respective tiers. This report is indispensable for developers seeking to finely tune the intricate balance of symbol distribution and probabilities across the game's architecture. By providing a granular view of how symbols behave on each reel and their impact on game outcomes at various tiers, the report aids in the strategic design of slot games. This allows for the creation of more engaging and unpredictable gaming experiences, directly influencing player retention and satisfaction. It enables developers to adjust the volatility and appeal of their games with precision, ensuring a captivating and balanced gameplay that meets the expectations of a diverse player base.

The Hits, Probabilities, and Returns Reports, a core component of the mobileFX RGS GDK, present a detailed statistical analysis, breaking down the performance of each symbol and tier within a game. Uniquely, this report collates Hits, Probabilities, and Returns in relation to each Multiplier, offering developers a comprehensive understanding of how symbols contribute to game dynamics across different tiers. This insight is pivotal for developers aiming to create balanced and engaging games by adjusting symbol frequencies and payout multipliers. By analyzing the intricate relationship between Hits, Probabilities, and the impact of Multipliers on Returns, developers can strategically enhance game volatility and player engagement. This facilitates the development of games that not only captivate players but also maintain fairness and excitement throughout the gameplay, ensuring a rewarding experience for all types of players.

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